the aluminum foundry

Our aluminum castings foundry is a small but healthy company. Our company is engaged in die casting and sand casting.

The foundry was founded in 1999 as a family company and after a time the production was moved from a rented space into our own premises and has grown up into the several work halls. Recently we are resident in a newly reconstructed industrial estate in Stare Mesto near Uherske Hradiste.

Our goal is to fulfill the needs of our customers. We guarantee meeting the deadlines, multi-stage checks of quality of aluminum castings, and correct behavior. We are still trying to increase and improve the quality of the customer services.

aluminum castings

Our company offers aluminum castings casted into the metal molds fixed on the hydraulic mill by the gravitation technology. Sand cores are often used when aluminum casting are produced by the die casting. The weight of the castings varies from tens of grams till about twenty kilograms. The molds are produced in our own workshop or in co-operation.

Further we can offer you aluminum alloys castings casted into the sand molds, produced by hand molding by the Alphaset technology. The weight of these aluminum castings is about the same as of the die casting ones. Usually we cast these types of aluminum alloys: Din 230, Din 239, Din 231, Din 226, however, of course we are able to fabricate different, less common aluminum alloys too according to the customer's needs.

We can offer machining and surface finishing of the aluminum castings, partly in our workshop or in carefully chosen and proved cooperating companies. We provide the packaging of the completed castings and transport service to our customers.


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